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Palisades Charter High School Class of Winter 1967, Pacific Palisades, CA
50 Year Reunion . 3/4/2017 . Doubletree Hotel Santa Monica

We had an excellent experience with The Reunion Committee!  After many decades of putting these gatherings together on our own, we decided to work with the Reunion Committee for our 50th, to relieve some of the stress, and we were so glad we did.   They found the venue,  set it all up (the room looked lovely!), hired the caterer who provided delicious food, and even took care of the music/d.j.  and the photography!   We had a green reunion, so it was all by email and saved a lot of time and money.  Everyone had a lovely time – can’t wait to see the Memory Album.

Chris Ann Maxwell
El Camino Real Charter High School Class of 1996, Woodland Hills, CA
20 Year Reunion . 11/26/2016 . Woodland Hills Hilton

When I volunteered to plan my classes 20th high school reunion l I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Originally, I thought that I would choose a venue, create a Facebook page and make the plans myself. All of that seemed great in theory. When it came time to execute it I quickly learned that it just wasn’t going to be possible. I contacted The Reunion Committee because they had done our 10 year high school reunion. I wasn’t involved with that but that didn’t matter as they had so much information readily available. Each person I spoke with helped me with various phases of the process. A list of venues was provided and we made a choice on that, then the menu, music, etc. followed. The Reunion Committee was very organized. I received updates on RSVP’s and we really worked together to reach as many classmates as we could. Our reunion was a complete success. I’m still receiving messages thanking me for putting this together and I truly need to thank The Reunion Committee for helping me out.

Stephanie Kaplanek
Beverly Hills High School Class of 1976, Beverly Hills, CA
40 Year Reunion . 11/5/2016 . Marina City Club

I want to thank you on behalf of the Beverly Hills High School Class of 1976 for the outstanding job by The Reunion Committee team in guiding and coordinating with our class committee for over a year, from our first call, to the follow up post reunion.  Your team was professional, responsive, and when you made a commitment, you stuck with it, for which we were appreciative.  Your guidance with regard to venue choice, your communication with regard to class attendance and your assistance with matters such as the Angel Fund, all were handled in a way that ensured everyone was always comfortable and (as appropriate) informed.  Also, the discretion with with the Angel Fund was handled generally was outstanding.  The reviews on the reunion were stellar.  Classmates were uniformly enthusiastic–about the venue, the format and the overall experience.  Thank you again for everything!

Also, as a side note, I would be happy to serve as a reference for you in the future, if class chairpersons have questions.

Amy Natterson Kroll
Morningside High School Class of 1961, Inglewood, CA
50 Year Reunion . 10/29/2016 . Marina City Club

My thanks to your entire organization for the excellent and professional way you handled our (Morningside ’61) reunion—your 10th time or so managing it for us. Everyone was pleased and happy which is all we could ask for!!

Mike Bell
Granada Hills High School Class of 1966, Granada Hills, CA
50 Year Reunion . 10/22/2016 . Agoura Hills Sheraton

I was contacted by Rick last year, about chairing the Granada Hills H.S. Class of 66 committee. I was reluctant at first. I informed Rick I had many things on my plate and wouldn’t have time to attend to the many challenges of setting up a 50 year class reunion. After several emails and discussions, Rick convinced me I was the right person for the job. He assured me the Reunion Committee has been doing this for many years and have all the resources necessary to handle my concerns. I learned they have this very efficient search engine saving time and energy. They handled contacting people who have changed names, residences, cities, states and countries.

I attended the class reunion (Class of 65) the year prior and was very impressed with the venue, food, music, bar and service.
The Reunion Community arranged with the hotel, to have a block of rooms at discounted rates for out of town travelers/guests.

Since I was now the chairperson, I was responsible for making certain decisions that could effect the outcome. I felt I was on a positive footing, through the guidance of the Reunion Committee. I believe in K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). I decided to duplicate the class of 65 reunion. It had great reviews, everyone enjoyed themselves. I had such a good time, I didn’t want to change anything! Why fix it if it isn’t broken.

It was easy to keep in touch via phone or email with the Reunion Committee and their talented staff. They took care of most everything, making my job a no-brainer.
I had a fellow classmates to work with, which made my job even easier. I didn’t feel I needed to check on many things because I trusted the Reunion Committee’s experience, Having attended several previous reunions over the years, I had a good feeling on how this one would turn out.

All things came together the night of our reunion like pieces of a puzzle. The Reunion Committee took great care making sure everything was on schedule.

The Reunion Committee personnel took care of staffing the reception and sign-in desk, the photographer, D.J. and financial arrangements.
From our cocktail hour, music (DJ Frank) dancing, photographs to dinner (excellent food), made this night a night to remember.

During the evening I received many compliments from fellow classmates and guests. That appreciation, shall be directed to the experienced staff of the Reunion Committee and the talented personnel of the Sheraton Hotel, Agoura Hills. Thank you very much for a job well done. I hope that all future class reunions will be handled by The Reunion Committee. My advice to anyone planning a class reunion, please talk to them first. I know the Reunion Committee can handle your very first 10 year reunion, or senior’s, having there 50th. They’ll take good care of you.

Ron La Grassa